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Special Issue on health communication: 

Building resilience through a trauma-informed approach

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Acknowledgements, Editors’ Note 

Introduction to animation documentaries by Zachary Zezima


Part I – On building resilience, a trauma informed approach

Dortell Williams

A life trajectory of traumas: Developing resilience in the face of microaggressions 13

Daniel Whitlow

Desperately developing resiliency:  Creating healing in the face of trauma 23

James Cain

Trauma Informed Care: Overcoming the limitations and barriers of prison with anxiety/uncertainty management theory 30

Allen Burnett, Jimmie Gilmer, Marvin Johnson, Duncan Martinez, Dortell Williams

Resilience as a mission and vision: A collaboration in alignment with Cal State LA 33

Terry Don Evans

Retelling life experience to make sense of trauma: Remembering Butch 36

Tin Nguyen

Building resilience with service dogs: Paws for Life bootcamp 40

Duncan A. Martinez

A patient-centered allegory: Chronicles of patient-provider communication 42


Part II – Performance Scripts

Jimmie Gilmer

Building resilience Stories: Actual vs ideal scenes 52

James Heard, Duncan Martinez, Dortell Williams

Rising on Affirmations 54

Tin Nguyen

Reality Check 56

Jesse Crespin, Terry Don Evans, Robert Mosely, Jerold A. Walton

Teacup: Rituals of Grief 59


Part III—Research proposals & autoethnographies

Terry Bell, Samuel Nathaniel Brown, Thaisan Nguon, Larry Torres, and Dara Yin

Stress and resilience: College students during emerging adulthood 64

Dortell Williams

The framework of memorable messages 79

Allen Burnett

The power of group therapy 86

Marvin Johnson, Darren Robinson, Daniel Whitlow, James Cain, Dortell Williams

Q&A: Random selection of class prompts 89

Jesse Crespin

Thoughts on the “Teach Back method 97

Robert Mosley

On the evolution of a trauma-informed approach 100

Selected quotes

Resiliency in motion and best practices in health communication: Closing thoughts 104


Part IV --  Supplements: Glossary of terms and handouts

A glossary of terms 108

Seven components of resilience (handout) 112

Ten elements of competence in using “Teach Back” effectively (handout) 115

Window of tolerance graphic (handout) 116

Call for new submissions

Volume 3 

Full Issue PDF

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